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We’re sorry that you missed the Investor & Traders Summit.  However, below are links to the recorded sessions that were presented on Aug 10, 2019.  The first presentation shown below was recorded on Sep 8, 2019.  If you have any questions please email us at

Brad Reinard at UpsideOptions – Broad Market Update as of Sep 8, 2019 where we look at the charts and the economic data; and an overview & update of the non-directional Pinnacle strategy that  is UP +25% YTD after commissions.

Brad Reinard at UpsideOptions – Broad Market Update as of Aug 19, 2019, and Overview of Methodology to Add Short Positions to a Portfolio at Minimal to Zero Cost – UpsideOptions is moving our portfolios to 75% long and 25% short.

Bob Lang at Explosive Options – Power of the Put Option

Anka Metcalf at TradeOutLoud – Top Entry and Exit Rules for Swing Trading

Brad Reinard at UpsideOptions – Generate 5% per month with Iron Condor Options

Dan Ushman at TrendSpider – Future of Stock Chart Analysis using AI

Barry Burns at TopDogTrading – How to Trade on Pure Price Action

Brad Reinard at UpsideOptions – Best Methodoloy for Sector Rotation Investing

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The Power of the Put Option to Create Directional Trades and Portfolio Hedges

10AM – 11AM ET; Bob Lang with ExplosiveOptions

Join Bob as he reviews the Put option and covers case studies on how to best open directional trades as well as broad-based hedges to help protect a portfolio.

Top Entry and Exit Rules for Swing Trading Stocks with Intro on How to Swing Trade Futures

11AM – 12PM ET; Anka Metcalf with TradeOutLoud

Join Anka as she reviews her favorite entry and exit signals to swing trade stocks both for the short and intermediate-term time horizons. Anka will also provide an introduction on how to use the same signals using Futures, which provides higher levels of leverage.

How to Generate Monthly Income Using Credit Spreads & Iron Condors on the S&P500 Index

12PM – 1PM ET; Brad Reinard with UpsideOptions

Join Brad as he provides an overview of a conservative, non-directional, income generating, all weather credit spread & iron condor strategy that typically generates 2.5% to 5% per month. This strategy is optimized for the “New Political Era” and can handle spikes in volatility and stock sell-offs that can come out of Washington DC at any time. This strategy can be autotraded where we do the trading for you.

The Future of Stock Chart Analysis – How Technology, AI, and Cloud-based Systems Can Reduce Workload and Generate More Winning Trades

1PM – 2PM ET; Dan Ushman with TrendSpider

Join Dan as he demonstrates next generation stock analysis leveraging cloud-based systems and AI. Dan will show how an investor or trader can analyze, create, and automate stock and ETF trade setups and triggers. The result is a reduced workload, fewer missed entry and exit signals, and ultimately more profitable trades.

How to Interpret & Trade Pure Price Action

2PM – 3PM ET; Barry Burns with TopDogTrading

Join Barry as he shows many examples of certain price action of stocks and ETFs. He then will discuss a system of how to interpret the price action and how it triggers entry and exit signals.

Best Methodology for Sector Rotation Investing

3PM – 4PM ET; Brad Reinard with UpsideOptions

Join Brad as he reviews his methodology around sector and stock selection for Sector Rotation Investing. Institutional money continuously flows from industry sector to sector, and Brad will cover the best way to tap into this continuous flow of institutional money.

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