Advanced Alternative Investment Strategies to Diversify Your Portfolio and Boost Returns

Sophisticated, Hedged, Long/Short Strategies Not Traditionally Available To The Retail Investor

Why Allocate a Portion of Your Assets to Upside Options?

We use a proprietary 4-level scanner that blends technical, fundamental and factor-based quantitative analysis
This level of sophisticated analysis is typically out of reach for the retail investor
Our Strategies are Hedged
Most of our strategies are hedged with options-based bearish trades that help keep the portfolios stable during volatile times
We Offer Four Strategies to Help You Diversify Your Portfolio

Sector Rotation

Buys the strongest stocks in the strongest industry sectors. Investors continuously rotate cash from sector to sector, and this strategy “follows the money”.

Small & Mid Cap Momentum

Buys stocks with strong price momentum with a market cap of $250m to $7billion.

Contrarian Fund

Buys stocks that have been out of favor for the last 6 to 12 months and are starting to recover with improving fundamentals and technicals.

Iron Condor Pinnacle

A conservative non-directional, income generating, options selling strategy that opens credit spreads and iron condors using weekly options.